The recent merging of The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) and The National Credentialing Agency  for
Laboratory Personnel (NCA) has changed the certification and licensing process.  This has broadened state eligibility
for both current students, and those who have been in the field for many years.  Within these pages, you'll find a brief
history of the organizations, information about the how the new certification will affect those already licensed,
history, links, and other information for currently clinical laboratory workers, and those looking to break into the field.
Medical Laboratory Scientists, as they
are now know, are health care
professionals who typically work in
reference laboratories, hospital clinical
labs, and doctor's offices.  They're also
more and more a part of the
rapidly-growing biotechnology field.

While they're not as well known as
Pathologists or Doctors, they're an
integral part of the specimen analysis
process to assist in determining a
patient's diagnosis.
Explore the tabs above to find out
more.  There, you'll  learn the history of
Medical Laboratory Scientists and a bit
of information about the laboratory
employee shortage.  You'll also find
helpful links to career websites,
credentialing agencies, state licensure
information, and even a few groups
built around your profession.
What is an MLS?
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